Fake your passion

Published on 1st Nov 2011
Fuel Your PasionFuel Your Pasion
Fuel Your Pasion

Some title isn't it? Something alarming about it, or discomforting if you may."Fake your passion". I understand where it comes from though. I dislike lengthy and draggy post, so I wouldn't go into detailed examples. Believe it or not, there are situations and circumstances where passion, is being "faked". Specifically when passion is related to career or interest. It's a survival thing which one will have to fake a passion in order to pursue or move on (or even, survive) in life. So can passion be faked, really?

I don't know for sure but I don't think that's the way it supposed to be. Not even for a second. Passion should stay the way it defines; something that conquers the heart, energizes the body and fills the mind, naturally and instinctively. Passion screams "follow your heart", "do what you love", "listen to your innerself" and those stuffs. It's all "inside-out" or "from within" kind of thing.

There is less reason to fake, if you have one. Stop if you're faking it. Find the real one. Find it and follow. There is no guarantee it will bring success (or anything) in your life. But there is a guarantee that you'll find out more on how can it lead (or at the very least, help in leading) your life. Faking your passion will drain you down along the road, but following it will fuel instead. You would want to keep growing and be excited as you move forward in life, not lost it over time. I'll vote for "go for it, follow your passion" any time on any day. Heck nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the future isn't it? If something gone wrong somewhen, hey at least I had fun with it and enjoyed the ride. And if something went up and glowing, I am not surprised, it's something you love to do isn't it? Plus it feels sooo right and good doing it, no? Fake your passion. Find your passion. And follow, pursue it for your own sake!

"When all is said and done, success without happiness is the worst kind of failure." - Louis Binstock

This post was inspired by @syazaliyana and her friend, hidhir.

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