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Recently Learning

These are some of the recent snippets and snapshots that I document whenever I am learning. It can be anything that is fresh & new, or something I have been chipping away for awhile in pursuit of mastery.

Actively Exploring
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Tinkering with Midjourney

This year I‘ve decided to explore AI tools (such as Midjourney) more seriously. I‘ll experiment with its use cases with random stuffs or side projects.

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Build fancy landing pages with React(-three-fiber) and Threejs 

This is a paid concise course/tutorial on how to “Build fancy landing pages with React (react-three-fiber) and ThreeJS by 0xca0a. It‘s my first time dabbling with both ThreeJS and react-three-fiber.

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⛩️ Forever Learning
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As I am building family with a Japanese partner, I believe this is one of those lifelong learning and endless pursuit. It is both exciting and daunting. I also realized it gives me this humbling and privilege feeling — knowing there are these aspects of learning in my life.

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Just Started
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The Joy of React

I signed up for the “early access” of Josh W Comeau‘s The Joy of React. I am really excited to pick this one up. All these while, I have never really learn React properly and just getting by with Google and trial & error most of the time. I hope this course will give me valuable lessons to apply to my flawed understanding & knowledge of React.

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