What I am reading, learning, and up to in recent times. Right now, I am using it as a place to signal what I am up to, and I‘ll try to update this page as regularly as I can.

What am I doing now?

I officially own a “Now” page inspired by Jodi Ettenberg.

What I find fascinating in 2024

What I find fascinating in 2023

Personal themes I'm exploring now

Focus on shipping first

Getting the habits right and changing the mindset to get more satisfaction from shipping rather than indulging in perfectionism.

Gamify “addiction” or intentional habits

I started running every other day after Jess inspired me. While my body is aching, I've always noticed how some runners are fit and wondered what motivates them to push through the pain.

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Ajmal Afif
Ajmal Afif

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Pay It Forward

Kindness got me here — so I am paying it forward.

Last updated on 3rd May 2024

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