Working Experience

Earlier in my career, I‘ve worked as a Digital Marketer and Frontend Developer in different startups in Kuala Lumpur. I‘ve also spent a few years in Aviva Singapore before I joined Grab in 2019.

Lead Product Designer at

Currently, I am a Lead Product Designer on the Design System team at Grab. Before that, I was in the Demand Shaping team (Marketplace) for 2 years.

Our official mission is to drive Southeast Asia forward by creating economic empowerment for everyone. I believe it is a massive privilege to design for the everyday Super App in South East Asia. I’m also proud to be contributing back to the communities I grow up with and care about.

As a product designer at Grab, we are empowered to lead and take ownership of the end-to-end design process. From idea inception to experimentation design, designers collaborate closely with product partners such as Product Managers, Product Analysts, Data Scientists, Product Marketers, Business Owners, and more.

One of Grab’s well-known values is hyper localization. As designers, we play a crucial role in championing the needs of consumers, merchants, and drivers and at the core of shaping and influencing product roadmaps. The challenge of making a net positive impact serving up to millions of lives here in South East Asia is what makes this journey worthwhile.

Grab Design Podcast

Together with a fellow designer, Tim Lange, I started and co-hosted an internal design podcast back in 2019. We had 11 episodes in which we talked to Grabbers from different roles and backgrounds. We sat down and have a casual and candid chat about work-related topics, personal interests, and observations.

Experimenting with Behavioral Science

While I was in the Marketplace team I had the privilege of working with an exceptional Behavioral Scientist, Preeti Kotamarthi. We formed a strong partnership and together we have co-led and started a handful of cross-discipline initiatives like Ethical Framework (2019), Nudging Responsibly (2019), and Gamification Playbook (2020). Having the opportunity to learn and apply these concepts through projects and experiments has really opened up a fresh perspective and approach for my design process.

Nudging Responsibly


Ethical Framework


Gamification Playbook


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