Fare Alert

· Shipped in October 2019

A feature that allows a customer to set a notification for a fare drop during a high-surge trip.

Customer problem
During high surge periods, passengers with time flexibility keep checking if fares have dropped in the app manually. This observed behavior is validated through our analytics.

Product hypothesis
A feature that sends customer fare drop alerts will help them discover cheaper rides. In return, this will improve bottom lines and brand sentiment.


Our team doesn't necessarily own the experiences in the app to pull this off, so we had to collaborate and convince the relevant working groups to introduce this feature. For this project, we started all the way from Fundamental research, which then led to Concept Testing research. These researches and findings are especially crucial for our team to convince the extended stakeholders. Some insights we discover along the way was, though we intend to introduce intervention for the segments of passengers with time flexibility, how might we achieve that without hurting our primary success metrics and the rest of passenger segments. Our concept testing extracted out valuables insights and learnings for this, which we then implement onto the prototypes that we finalized for usability testing. The project was demanding and required extra efforts for internal alignment and cross-teams collaboration. In the end, we managed to pull through together, and we are now releasing the feature for selected markets.

A high percentage of repeated usage for those who received their first successful alert.

Some processes and details are being left out for privacy and confidentiality reason.