Note to self: always do the tutorials!

Published on 8th Feb 2023
Genji 5k deflecting Zarya gravGenji 5k deflecting Zarya grav

When it comes to gaming, I am one of those who go through all the key mapping and controller layouts, making sure I know every single move that is possible in the game. I‘ll play the tutorial so I understand the basic and most often than not, in PvP, I usually score decent and get play of the game (Overwatch) almost every session.

But when it comes to web development or any digital tools for work, I always seem to skip the tutorials. I think I can handle it and figure it out as I go, but I always end up wasting a lot of time and energy when I could have just gone through the tutorials.

It’s time I start listening to my own advice, and do the tutorials before diving in. This way, I can avoid those frustrating moments and get up to speed faster.

Plus, doing the tutorials first can help me identify any potential problems early on and save me time in the long run. I need to remember that taking the time to do the tutorials is usually worth it!

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Ajmal Afif
Ajmal Afif

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Last updated on 5th May 2023

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