Learning in public

Published on 29th Jan 2020
Learning in publicLearning in public
Learning in public

The scariest part to break this long silence is looking at how far apart the freshest post is from the old ones. For most of us, at least for me typically it happens during new year thanks to new year's resolution effect.

The other day, a good friend of mine even reminded me, “It's your own blog right? so you can do whatever you want with it.”


Right? I couldn't agree more. That fear and embarrassing feeling is definitely self-inflicted. I am more vulnerable to my own thoughts and judgement than I imagined about myself.

That said, it's less about not writing in awhile though. It's more about writing and learning in public. Frankly speaking, I've been doing my fare share of writing in private. I use apps like Day One as my digital diary to capture highlights of my days, and been experimenting with Cocoon as one-person Instagram as outlet of expressions.

Speaking of experiment and expression, I had these thoughts where what if there's no Instagram, does it mean life never really happen? Or perhaps it's actually get in the way of truly living in the moment. We tend to make these few takes to make sure we get the best movie reels for our Instagram yes? Imagine these micro-moments add up to some amount. What if those moments were captured instead. Series of endless glitches for clouts and likes.

Pre-Instagram world I believe we capture or document our worthy memories and moments as it passed us by. Revisiting them in the form of diaries, photo images, or even stories and tales. Sometimes it's honest and raw, sometimes it's distorted and fuzzy but never staged.

I feel like my digital life is going in inverse direction now. Things that once public are becoming private, and stuffs that I've been doing in private like what I'm currently learning, I plan to do it in public.

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Ajmal Afif
Ajmal Afif

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