About Me

One of my lifelong goals is to create a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle and extend it to the people I love and care for the most. Success with happiness and joy is the best kind of success.

My “real” name is Afif. But since I was a kid, my friends called me “Ajmal.”

I am Malaysian, currently based in Singapore for quite some time now. I went to Pennsylvania State University for my undergrads, majoring in Actuarial Science.

I am always in search of opportunities to put my knowledge into practice, be it at work or during leisure time. I believe the best way to learn is by doing — and also by sharing with others.

Some not so fun facts; I’ve been a Liverpool fan since I was a 8 years old. I still remember the first game I watched with my dad, it was FA Cup Final against Manchester United and we lost. Also, I did the, ”ask your closest friends and family to describe you in 3 words” quite some times ago. The only consistent word that came up was “methodical”. I sort of agree and proud to wear that description.

Contact me

I am almost uncontactable online and that is intentional. Sending over your message below is the best and fastest way to reach out.

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