Ride Trends

· Shipped in October 2018

This project helps routine riders with time flexibility to plan their rides especially during peak hours.

By nudging riders with time flexibility to plan their trips, we can help some segments to riders to afford their rides at a better price.

One of the top widgets in our feed ecosystem for top markets.


Some processes and details are being left out for privacy and confidentiality reason.


Ride trends project is the first project that I collaborated with the Behavioral Science team at Grab. The feature is built within a month from inception to launch in Singapore and Jakarta, which is a great feat given it's a cross-department collaboration work. As the designer of the project, I partnered up with the PM and held a short ideation workshop among the working group to gather ideas. We then took a vote on which ideas resonate the best with our product success metrics and intentions. I then went back to the drawing board and combined these ideas into a few prototypes. This process took a few iterations by sharing them early with the teams and guerilla testings. The outcome of that process is a prototype that we are highly confident with, which we then took for a usability testing session. From usability testing, I'd make a report to highlight any usability issues and findings. I shared my recommendations for MVP and the ideal version and updated my design accordingly. For handover, we used Zeplin, and I made a habit of creating interactive prototypes to help developers understand the design intention visually.

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