I enjoy writing down and reflect on my experience. My goal is to write more about design, frontend and anything in between.

Fake your passion

Some title isn't it? Something alarming about it, or discomforting if you may."Fake your passion". I understand where it comes from though. I dislike lengthy and draggy post, so I wouldn't go into…

November 01, 2011

Are you a dreamer, or a doer?

Dreamers swim in the pool of cloud; Doers swim in the pool of sweat.

May 10, 2010

Magic hour

Magic hour. Its the time where opportunity floats and luck surfaces. Magic hour is to be discovered and find out; not something to be taken for granted. Stephen King's magic hour is such; “There are…

January 03, 2010

Break and Create

Both aren't easy to do. Especially when we're talking habits or routines. When we are so used of those bad habits and doing it over again consistently, with or without conscious—to break it takes more…

December 21, 2009