I have garnered extensive experience and a broad set of skills from working and leading wildly diverse teams for the past decade.

Lead Product Designer at Grab

I am a Lead Product Designer on the Marketplace team at Grab. I work closely with designers, project managers, and behavioral scientists to realize our ideas by creating a library of use cases through prototypes. This role empowers me to contribute to scoping features and influence product roadmaps.

Besides that, for each project that I am involved in, I work closely with our User Experience Research team (UER). Depending on the stage of the project, together with members of the working group, we'll be involved in either the Fundamental User Research, Product Related Research or Design Related Research that is supported by the UER team.

Behavioral Science & Design

I am fortunate and privileged to be working with a competent behavioral scientist in my current role for almost one year and a half now. I've worked with projects that look at the behavioral design to nudge certain behaviors when our users and partners are using the app. While I am not an expert in behavioral design, I am very passionate about the subject and learning so much on how can I apply it effectively in my work.

Design Systems

Outside of my official role, I am a committee member and federated contributor to Grab Design Systems (GDS). I help to maintain our official Sketch Libraries, shape contribution processes and teach fellow designers how they can consume and contribute to GDS through informal training sessions.

Design Tools

I record bite-sized screencasts sharing tips & tricks to use design tools like Sketch, Invision & Abstract that I share on our Slack channels. I make a habit of creating interactive prototypes of my designs for usability testing and design specs purposes.

Agencies & Startups

Earlier in my career, I have done my fair share of hustling with startups wearing many hats, doing design & frontend development.

VLT Labs

VLT Labs is a startup studio focusing on kickstarting new startups in South East Asia region.

Tsuwave Studio

Tsuwave Studio is a design studio that specializes in custom eCommerce design & development on Shopify and WordPress.


Kaodim is a Marketplace for Services app. I lead a team of designers and was responsible for the design of all web and mobile apps on both iOS and Android.


Billplz is a billing and payments collection app. I was the lead designer and was tasked with the design of the customer-facing web app and internal tools.

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